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Last Updated August 26, 2006


Kingdom Animalia:

  Phylum Arthropoda:

    Subphylum Hexapoda:

       Class Insecta:
  Order Anoplura:

             Family Pediculidae:    
Genus Pediculus:

(Click the pic to enlarge)


Pediculus humanus capitis


This photograph was taken with my Sony Cybershot in August of 2005.  I originally posted it on my blog here.  Here is the story:


These lovely creatures (click the pic to enlarge) found their way into my clinic this week along with dozens (or hundreds?) of their little friends. This was the worst infestation I have ever seen, which apparently had not responded to intermittent applications of Nix, Rid and the use of a nit comb for about 2 months. The host was a sweet 16 year old girl with long dark hair down to her waist. From about 5 feet away I could see these critters climbing all over her shiny dark hair. The hair from the the back of her head around her neck had a frosted appearance from all the nits. Following the exam, I discreetly carried these specimens out and placed them in a container, then I cooled them by pouring the cold head of a small container of liquid nitrogen over them so they would not get away during the photo session.




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Pediculus humanus







Pediculus humanus