Common Housefly Life Cycle

in 14 Days, Time-lapse

This time-lapse video was made over a period of 2 weeks, using my Canon PowerShot S3 IS and GBTimelapse software. The eggs hatched within 24 hours of the chicken being left out, which is when the shooting began. After 4 days I moved the larvae (maggots) to the dry container where they began to pupate in about 2 days. The first flies emerged about 5 days after that and continued for several more days.  Until the adult flies emerged I was shooting each picture at a rate of 1 picture every 3 to eight minutes. Then I had to speed it up to every 5 seconds because they came out so fast. The movie was then played back at 30 fps. I used Sony Acid Music Studio to make the accompanying music.


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