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Adami, Chris-Head of the Digital Life Laboratory at Caltech, currently leading projects in evolutionary biology and biocomplexity using an artificial life environment called Avida.  1/30/05

Donoghue, John P.-Henry Merritt Wriston Professor and Chairman Department of Neuroscience, Brown University-He is one of the leading researchers in the development of the brain-computer interface.  The BrainGate™ Neural Interface System is currently in a human trial with a neuroprosthesis which allows a paralyzed individual to control a computer, and thereby a multitude of connected devices, with his thoughts. Also see: Donoghue Lab, Cyberkinetics Inc

Richard A. Normann-Professor, Bioengineering Department, University of  Utah- One of the Leading researchers in the development of the brain-computer interface.   His lab is working in cooperation with  John Donoghue's  lab at Brown University in a venture known as the BrainGate™ Neural Interface System which uses an implantable prosthetic device based on the Utah Electrode Array which he developed.  His developments are being used in creating a cortically based visual prosthesis for the blind a cortical motor prosthesis for the paralyzed, and a cochlear nerve based auditory prosthesis. Also see Cyberkinetics Inc

Lenski, Richard-Hannah Professor of Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University.  His work has recently focused on evolution of  E. coli and of digital organisms in the Avida system. 1/30/05

Ofria, Charles -Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, and Director of the Digital Evolution Lab at Michigan State University.  His recent work has focused on principles of  Darwinian evolution in computer science using an artificial life environment called Avida .  He is quoted in the February issue of  Discover Magazine, (Testing Darwin, Feb. 2005 pp 29-35) as saying, “You could consider a living organism as nothing more than an information channel, where it’s transmitting its genome to its offspring…. And the information stored in the channel is how to build a new channel.” 1/30/05

Zimmer, Carl-Current popular science author and lecturer.  Here is a description from his blog, The Loom:  "Carl Zimmer is the author of several popular science books and writes frequently for magazines including The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Science, Newsweek, Discover, Popular Science, and Natural History. Carl's books include Parasite Rex and Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea. He has been been called 'as fine a science essayist as we have'  by the New York Times Book Review. His new book, Soul Made Flesh is a chronicle of the dawn of neurology in the 1600s."  He also has a book published in 1998 entitled, At the Water's Edge.  2/20/05